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  • Hamblin, James, author.
  • Health -- Popular works.
  • Health -- Miscellanea.
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  •  Hamblin, James, author.
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  •  If our bodies could ...
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    If our bodies could talk : a guide to operating and maintaining a human body / James Hamblin.
    by Hamblin, James, author.
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  • Health -- Popular works.
  • Health -- Miscellanea.
  • ISBN: 
    xxv, 371 pages : color illustrations, map ; 22 cm
    First edition.
    If I lose a contact lens in my eye, can it get into my brain? -- What is normal? -- What is health? -- One. Appearing: the superficial parts. How can I tell if I'm beautiful? ; Why do I have dimples? ; If I didn't have dimples, could I give them to myself? ; Why don't tattoos wear off? ; How can I remove my tattoo? ; Can I get a more defined jaw by chewing gum? ; But what about my chin? ; Why are some eyes blue? ; What causes red eyes in photos? ; What is a deviated septum? ; Why don't body hair and eyelashes keep growing, but head hair does? ; Could I get rid of my eyelashes? ; What makes hair curl? ; When I shave or cut my hair, does it grow back faster? ; Am I tall enough? ; What are sunburns? ; Why don't most females have Adam's apples? ; Aren't we attracted by pheromones? -- Two. Perceiving: the feeling parts. What is itch? ; Why does scratching feel good? ; Can I "boost" my immune system? ; How do vaccines work? ; Does caffeine make me live longer? ; Do we still not know if cell phones cause cancer? ; Why do ears ring? ; Can I stop wearing my glasses if I eat enough carrots? ; How much sleep do I actually need? ; Why do I drool when I nap and not when I sleep? ; Should I seriously not be reading my phone in bed? ; Will melatonin put me to sleep? ; Can I train myself to need less sleep? ; Is it really that bad if I look at the sun once in a while? ; Am I having a seizure? ; How is laughter medicine? -- Three. Eating: the sustaining parts. Why do stomachs rumble? ; Why do I crave terrible food late at night? ; Colonoscopy: this is the best we can do? ; Is there any harm in taking a multivitamin? ; Why does everyone have bad breath? ; Carbs or fat, which is worse? ; What is gluten? ; Eggs versus oatmeal ; Do probiotics work? ; How much worse is high-fructose corn syrup than "real" sugar? ; What if my tongue ring came out and I accidentally swallowed it? ; I need dairy or else my bones will break? ; Are we made to eat meat? ; What happens to weight when it's "lost"? -- Four. Drinking: the hydrating parts. Do I need eight glasses of water a day? ; How to embrace sweating ; So I need a "sports drink"? ; Why do so many people die of dehydration? ; What about Smartwater? ; Juice is healthy? ; Why is there Vitaminwater? ; Is drinking seltzer the same as drinking regular water? ; If I break down and drink a soda: brush my teeth after, or before? ; How does teeth whitening work? ; How does fluoride work? ; Why are people lactose intolerant? ; Does alcohol really kill brain cells? ; What is "natural" wine? ; Why not just play it safe and avoid preservatives? -- Five. Relating: the sex parts. Why do males have nipples? ; Why are nipples sexualized? ; Why do penises look like penises? ; When is ejaculation premature? ; Why don't males have multiple orgasms? ; How do you responsibly inform a clingy ex-lover that you have been diagnosed with gonorrhea (by phone)? ; How big is the average clitoris? ; Does the g-spot exist? ; Why isn't there a "female Viagra"? ; Can I use hand sanitizer as deodorant? ; How dangerous are tight pants? ; What can I do to help my children understand their bodies and sex in a positive way? ; How does ectopic pregnancy cause shoulder pain? ; Are doctors trained in gender transitioning? ; Can I get syphilis from oral sex? ; How do cells from my genitals create another human's brain? -- Six. Enduring: the dying parts. How does my heart know to beat? ; What is sudden cardiac death? ; Why do heartbeats mess up? ; Why are more and more people dying of heart disease? ; If atrial fibrillation is so common, do I have it? ; Why isn't there a cure for the common cold? ; How do I convince my friends that their kid doesn't need antibiotics every time she gets the sniffles? ; Penicillin is made of mold? ; If my mucus is green, it means I need antibiotics? ; What causes cancer? ; If I lost my nose, could science rebuild one for me? ; Is aging inevitable? ; Why does skin become translucent with age? ; Is life long enough? ; How to sit ; Can I really die from popping a pimple on my nose? ; What is rigor mortis? ; What happens to my body when I die? ; What happens to the data version of me when I die?
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